John Doe
Mamikon Ghasabyan Director and co-founder
Mamikon’s in-depth knowledge and love of wildlife, of the country’s area and biological resources, from hundreds of days in the field and lifetime experience in natural sciences, especially in zoology rightfully earn him the title of the lead scientist and biologist. 
John Doe
Marianna Danielyan Education extension
Marianna joined ASPB in 2006. Her outstanding flight of thoughts and tremendous love of younger generations give birth to a plethora of unique and enthusiastic education events and training sessions. Also, she is the design author of all ASPB's printed and e-publications featuring our feathered friends.
John Doe
Levon Harutunyan Conservation officer
Being a young researcher, Levon had a chance to participate in different scientific excursions working side by side with lead conservationists and ornithologists, who helped him gain valuable knowledge and skills in this empirical world.




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