The threats to the birds in Armenia are many and include pollution, over-hunting, over-fishing, constructions or human disturbance in a variety of ways. And even though any of these threats can place a bird in decline, one threat is key: fragmentation or loss of habitat which is driving many species to extinction.


Once the natural habitat is lost or rendered unsuitable for birds, it is gone forever. If the habitat is protected for a species to nest, migrate or over-winter, other threats can be reasonably managed.


The Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) Program is part of the BirdLife International conservation programme. It aims to identify, monitor and preserve sites that are important for the conservation of birds. Looking forward, we will continue to focus our efforts on this programme.


One of BirdLife's major steps to secure the habitats for birds is through the Wetlands International's International Waterbird Census (IWC) which is a global waterbird monitoring scheme. It takes place every January and is part of the Armenian IBA monitoring scheme. It identifies and monitors wetlands of international importance for waterbirds under the Ramsar Convention and provides assessment of status and trends of waterbird populations. Wetlands are among the richest and the most threatened biodiversity sites on the planet, they are the "stepping stones" for myriads of migrating waterbirds. Of 18 IBAs in Armenia, 5 are wetland IBAs.

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