Cinereous Vulture Conservation in Armenia

black vultureCinereous Vulture or Eurasian Black Vulture (Aegypius monachus) is one of the biggest vultures whose Armenian breeding population today is restricted to the Khosrov State Reserve. While IUCN lists the species as "Nearly threatened", the Armenian population underwent a severe decline within the last decades (population reductions >60% in 40 years).

Cinereous Vulture is a huge raptor with long broad wings and a short and bluntly pointed tail. The adult bird is mainly dark brown while the juveniles are almost black with a bluish featherless throat.

Since 2002 ASPB launched a surveillance program to study the current population and the range of the cinereous vulture in Armenia and, in future, to promote increases in population and range within the Khosrov State Preserve.

For the first year since 1960, the species population has stopped declining and a new nest has been recently discovered. This is the great success and result of ASPB work! Additionally, in 2006 ASPB commenced the tracking of juvenile vultures using radio tagging units and wing tags for further identification and monitoring to obtain more knowledge about possible migration movements in the region of Western and Central Asia. 

Results of the study in 2003–2005

Recent conservation measures

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