Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds, in cooperation with Society for Nature Conservation(Georgia) seeks volunteers for Egyptian Vulture Monitoring Expedition.


The aim is to locate nests and breeding pairs of Egyptian Vulture to gain better insight in the population size in the Southern Caucasus.


The Egyptian vulture is Endangered according to IUCN, so the data collected will be very valuable for supporting the conservation of the Egyptian Vulture. Expeditions might also gather interesting information about other species such as new breeding grounds and new records of scarce species, as the surveys will take place in remote and rarely visited areas.


For a small fee we invite you to be part of a skilled team which will explore the most remote corners of the Southern Caucasus.


Join us and enjoy this unique field experience, with all expenses included in the price.





ARMENIA 2nd – 9th May

During this expedition we will cross the Georgian border into the north of Armenia, a wonderful birding country full of bird specialties. Spring is at its peak in Armenia, every bird is breeding and so do the Egyptian Vultures. That is the moment to scan cliffs and look for their nests and territories. Many eastern specialties can be seen in Armenia around the Egyptian Vulture habitats, such as Finsch’s and Pied Wheatears, Rock Nuthatches, Rosy Starlings and Black-headed Buntings.

Arriving and leaving from Tbilisi, Georgia - 600 EUR


GEORGIA 10th – 16th May

Also in Georgia spring is bursting, and the dry east of the country shows its best green. There we will look for Egyptian Vultures at the cliffs, surrounded by other vultures such as Black and Griffon, and also Imperial Eagles. We will also be able to spot some passerines as Finsch’s and Pied Wheatear, Black-headed Bunting, Western Rock Nuthatch and others.

Arriving and leaving from Tbilisi, Georgia - 600 EUR


Students get a 10% reduction.

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