EuroBirdwatch 2014 Results

Binoculars, field guide, excellent mood and bird identification skills are all that you need to observe birds.On 4th and 5th October birdwatchers from 40 countries all over Europe and Central Asia had the opportunity to see and admire a 2.5 million bird migration. As in previous years this year, too, BirdLife partners aimed to raise awareness among the wide public about the fascinating bird migration and the needs of the migratory birds on the breeding areas, the flyways and in the wintering grounds in the Mediterranean and in Africa through the EuroBirdwatch 2014.

Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds, BirdLife partner in Armenia, also joined EuroBirdwatch 2014 and organised different events in Yerevan parks, Yeghvard town, Lake Sevan (IBA), in surroundings of the Ardenis Lake (IBA) and, of course at Armash fish ponds, an Important Bird Area and paradise for birds.

During EuroBirdwatch 2014 each country counts the number of participants and observed birds and submits the data to European Central Office, which was BirdLife partner in Luxembourgprocessing data this year. With a total of 1.052.681 counted birds, the Netherlands topped the list of countries this year. The most active participants were in Switzerland (5334), Hungary (2943), Sweden (3000) and the Netherlands (2000).

In Armenia 60 participants of EuroBirdwatch counted 84 species, totalling 18.009 birds this year.


The top 3 most frequently observed species in Armenia were: 

1. Armenian gull (Larus armenicus) 

2. Eurasian coot (Fulica atra) 

3. Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) 



Interesting observations in Armenia were: 

1. Common crane ssp. (Grus grus archibaldi) 

2. Eurasian woodcock (Scolopax rustcola) 

3. Pallid harrier (Circus macrourus)   


EuroBirdwatch 2014 was attended by special guests such as the US Ambassador in Armenia John Heffern, Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Simon Papyan and the leaders of various non-governmental organizations. 

Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds extends thanks to all the participants ofEuroBirdwatch 2014 in Armenia: WWF Armenia, Armenian Ecotourism Association, Pan-Armenian Environmental Front, “Khazer” NGO, Director of Institute of Zoology Kim Dilbaryan, “Bicycle+” NGO, “Arpi and Amasia” IBAs’ caretakers Shaqro and Karen Ghazaryan, for joining the event from very northern parts of Armenia and, of course, all bird lover volunteers. 

We hope that in near future the idea of birdwatching will become part of our culture and more common in Armenia.

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