New Breeding Colony of Lesser Kestrel found in Armenia

Within the frames of annual monitoring of Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) in Armenia and with the support of Rufford Small Grants, ASPB did study and research of potential breeding sites of Lesser Kestrel in Southern part of the country and found a new colony in Sisian town. The monitoring was done during breeding season, especially when parents are active and feed their chicks and can be spotted easily.

Compared to the other known breeding sites, one of which is inGorayk Important Bird Area, the new colony is much bigger: 50-60 breeding pairs. Also, the other difference is that this is the first colony which was discovered breeding in the town, nearby humans just under the roofs of the man-made buildings. We are glad to inform that the annual monitoring and the study of Armenian Lesser Kestrel population will continue in every breeding site including the newly discovered one.


Lesser Kestrels colonized roofs of buildings like this one in Sisian town, South Armenia

Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) is a small falcon, which breeds from Europe to Central Asia and China, as well as in Bangladesh. The species is summer migrant and wintering in Africa and Pakistan.  Lesser Kestrels are colony breeders.



ASPB would like to thank Levon Harutyunyan for help and assistance during the field visits.




For more information about the species and the work done by ASPB to save the species from the extinction follow the link here.

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