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Observado.org website is one of those virtual spaces where naturalists share their observations of both fauna – mammals, insects and other taxa as well as flora. The website is available to the wide spectrum of public and is especially popular among birdwatchers. The goal of Observado.org is to accumulate nature data on all faunal and floral taxonomic groups making them available only though submission of scrutinized, approved and up to date, «fresh» observations. Said differently, observers all around the world share their data on this website and help with knowledge on biodiversity.


Observations submitted by individuals or organizations are made available to all public with some limitations. The website strives for high quality data which is scrutinized by professionals, who spend many hours, every day, tracking and checking the continuous observation entries. The website offers wide opportunities to those who like to travel or choose outdoor recreation activities to record and share what they have seen in the wild, from plants to large mammals. This is also a great tool to inform the nature experts which interesting species of plant or animal can be seen at a specific location, at that precise moment. On the other hand, travelers may check the website to learn about the biodiversity of the country or an area they visit.


Observado.org is multilingual thanks to all those NGOs which partnered with the website admins and have translated it into more than 40 languages on a voluntary basis. The website is also available in Armenian. Because the availability of such online database is important, the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds has kindly provided the Armenian translation of the website and is pleased now to offer it to Armenian nature-minded people who share opportunities to add their observations to this global database and stay informed about the biodiversity that occurs in our as well as other countries.


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