Voting for the Bird of the Year 2014 in Armenia is open!

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       The Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds (BirdLife in Armenia) has launched an open voting program to select the «Bird of Year 2014» in Armenia. This is a public voting and can be done online as well as using available data sheets, especially in the regions where internet connection is extremely low or not accessible. The annual “Bird of the Year” campaign was first launched back in 2009.


       The aim of the «Bird of the Year» campaign is to select the bird symbolizing the year and attract the attention of all Armenians to the conservation of Armenia’s birds and their habitats. The program envisions various educational activities aiming to introduce the year’s bird, interesting events with participation of students, schoolchildren and local communities, and will distribute related print material (posters, Bird of the Year 2014 calendars, booklets, stickers) bearing the image of the «Bird of 2011 Year».

       The key «Bird of the Year» selection criteria are: a) the bird species shall be recognizable, b) be common and easy to see and c) be in need of protection.



The voting is public and open to all citizens. So, it is up to you as to which bird will become the Symbol of the Year 2014 in Armenia.


Please, visit homepage or download the Fill-in Form (below) to choose Your Bird of the Year!

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