Results of European Birdwatch 2013 in Armenia

5/6 October 2013


Celebrating 20 Years of EuroBirdwatch (1993 – 2013) for the Migratory Birds and Their Flyways


        Over the past weekend, on October 5th and 6thmore than 19.000 of adults and children took part in more than 900 events in 30 countries in Europe and Central Asia to watch the fascinating migration of 2,4 millions birds to their wintering areas in the South. For the 20th time already, the public was invited by the national organisations of BirdLife International to observe this spectacle of nature. 


The national partner organisations of Birdlife International took the opportunity of the 20th anniversary of the event to raise awareness on bird migration and promote needed actions to save threatened bird species and their habitats.

With these events the nature conservation organizations encouraged people of all ages to go out, observe, explore and enjoy birds. They were mainly focusing on biodiversity and the needs to protect it. The data of bird observations was collected in each country and submitted to the European Centre which was SOS/BirdLife Slovakia this year.



In Armenia the Eurobirdwatch 2013 was hosted by the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds (BirdLife Partner in Armenia) which welcomed participants at two sites, Important Bird Areas (IBA) of global significance: Armash Fish-Farming ponds in the south-west of Armenia and in the south-western and southern corners of Lake Sevan.



Huge migration of the birds was registered in the P1530223.JPGwhole of Europe and Central Asia. In Czechia and Hungary thousands of Starlings were observed, in Finland thousands of Barnacle Geese as well as flocks of Chaffinches, Wood Pigeons and Cranes across the whole continent.



In Armenia a total of 15.032 birds of over 100 species have been counted by participants in two IBAs. Interesting observations at both sites included: Ruff (4), Black-tailed Godwit (45), Slender-billed Gull (1), Spotted Redshank (40), Black Vulture (1), Blue-cheeked Bee-eater (10).



Counts at Lake Sevan were performed by Lake Sevan IBA Caretaker and a local support group. At Armash Fish Farming ponds the EuroBirdwatch 2013 was marked by participation of a group of international ornithologists who were visiting the country on a special mission but expressed a strong interest to join the event and contribute to the count results for Armenia. The participating birdwatchers were special guests from Belgum, Sweden, Catalonia, United Kingdom and Iran.



       ASPB extends its special thanks to all participants of the event for their unique contribution to the Eurobirdwatch 2013 in Armenia. 


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