EuroBirdwatch 2013 on 5-6 October 2013

Millions of migrating birds will leave Europe in these weeks flying to their wintering places in Africa. Birds overcome thousands of miles and many dangers along their flyways. For the 20thtime already, BirdLife International invites people in Europe to take the opportunity on 5/6 October 2013 to discover the fascinating world of bird migration.




The biggest event of the BirdLife partners in Europe celebrates its 20-year anniversary. Since 1993, EuroBirdwatch has attracted tens of thousands of participants each year, sharing in diverse activities or just simply observing the birds as they migrate southwards. This year, the national partners of BirdLife International of 33 countries in Europe and Central Asia invite people to observe the birds and hear interesting facts about bird migration and threats they face during their journeys. In most countries people will find observation and information posts where everyone can share the knowledge on migratory birds and their flyways.


The majority of the migrating birds are in danger because of land use changes and climatic changes in their breeding and wintering areas and on the crucial stopovers. Therefore BirdLife Partnership is pleased by the number of people fascinated by bird migration, which is rising every year. Only joint action of many people and nations can halt the adverse trend.


For the migrating bird species the existence of suitable breeding areas in the north, saving stopovers on the flyway and appropriate habitats in the wintering regions are vitally important. The aim of EuroBirdwatch13 is to raise awareness for the beauty of bird migration and the needs of the birds taking part in it.


The European Birdwatch is an annual event comprising hundreds of nationally organised activities. On these observation posts the number of birds and participating people are counted and reported via the national centres to the European centre. Last year around 70’000 people took part in 34 countries and more then six million birds were observed on this single weekend.

Armenian Society for the Protection of the Birds calls for all interested individuals to participate in the EuroBirdWatch 2013 and to involve as many participants as possible. You can register for EuroBirdWatch 2013 in Armenia by sending us email to  or by calling our office +374 10 20 87 25 BEFORE 30th of September.




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