“Armenia’s Wild Birds” Photo Contest is open

Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds (ASPB-BirdLife Partner in Armenia) announces the“Armenia’s Wild Birds” Photo Contest. The Photo Contest aims at promoting the science of ornithology, birdwatching (birding) and raising a live interest in birds and wildlife in general.



Who May Enter:


Contest is open to all professional and amateur wildlife photographers working and based in Armenia. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to the «Official Rules» of the Photo Contest (below) that his or her entry complies with all requirements set out in the «Official Rules».



1.       Official Rules:


1.1.  To be eligible for submission of entries, photographs of wild birds in their natural habitat ONLY will be accepted. Photographs of pet and caged birds, as well as «staged photography» (aka. scenes created for the camera inside enclosures or aviaries) with birds of prey are not allowed. Also,photographs of wild birds sitting on the nests or occurring in the immediate proximity to nests will not be accepted.


1.2.  The Judges reserve the right to verify the validity and originality of any entry and conditions the photography was taken. Photographers who submit an entry that is not in accordance with the «Official Rules» or who tampers with the entry process will be disqualified.


1.3   The Contest will have the following 3 categories of entriesa) Birds: Behavior, b) Birds in the Natural Habitat, c) Birds of the City. Awards will be given to most winning images of "difficult" species of birds.




2.    Time and place


Submission of digital images will begin with the publication of the current posting and will end July 31, 2013. Photographs must be submitted at the following email address: 




3.       Categories for entries


Category 1:  BIRDS / BEHAVIOUR.  Entries in this category must convey the photographer’s ability to capture dynamic, transient and «in-action» moments of the life of wild birds in nature (movement of the flight, race, interaction of individuals, etc). The key technical factors to be assessed are the image sharpness, aesthetic environment and complete biological content.


Entries in this category will specifically assessed on the basis of general artistry: perception of the composition and color balance of the photo. Bird individuals, groups or flocks shall be photographed in a good light in the wild (natural) settings. Capturing a beauty of the landscape is equally important


In this category, the entry must display a special relationship of bird to environment, how it has adapted to living side by side with Man (in urban settings). The comparative assessment of entries will be based on the originality, the content and photographic quality features (color, light, sharpness). Best entries of «difficult» birds imply successful images of hard-to-see, elusive and wary bird species.




4.       Photograph Requirements


4.1.  Entries submitted for the contest must be original and created solely by the author. Entrants maysubmit up to 3 photographs per person. A single entry can be presented only in ONE category.


4.2.  Original photographs must be submitted in electronic format, as «high-quality» JPEG files (level10–12 in Photoshop software) with a size of 1200 pixels on the long side. If chosen as a finalist, the Judge reserves the right to request the original size of the photograph.


4.3.  Digital images are allowed to be corrected in graphic editors (Photoshop, or other). Corrections will be limited to exposure, brightness, contrast, noise. More serious modifications of the original images are not allowed.


4.4.  The submitted entry must include the following Camera Data - camera, lens, aperture, shutter speed, etc. (during the photography with a digital camera these features are recorded by default).


4.5.  Each entry file must be titled and include: name of the bird (e.g. Black Woodpecker), location where the photograph was taken, name of the author and title of the Category for which the entry is submitted. 




5.        Winners List


5.1.  Entries submitted for the contest will be assessed by the Judges.  Winners will be notified by email and will be contacted for awarding the prize. Winners' names will be available online atwww.aspbirds.org after August 15, 2013.




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