April 1 - the International Birds Day

For most people April 1 is most notable for being Fools’ Day, but for amateur birders and ornithologists it first and foremost belongs to the International Bird Day.


On 19 March 1902, various countries agreed to the International Convention for the Protection of Birds Useful to Agriculture came into force, which more than a dozen states signed. It entered into force on 12 December 1905. On 18 October 1950, in Paris, diplomats signed the International Convention for the Protection of Birds, which replaced the previous document and apart from birds useful to agriculture it had listed birds treated as ‘agricultural pests’. On 1 April 1906 the International Convention on Birds Protection was signed.




This day was not overlooked by the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds (ASPB) and was marked by a birdwatching event organized in Armash Important Bird Area (IBA). The participants were the staff of ASPB, members of the Birders' Club at Surenavan village school and Birthright Armenia volunteers who joined us in celebrating the event, while the entire birdwatching day was recorded by the national «Kentron» TV channel  and broadcast during the “Ecologica” special TV program. During birdwatching hike members of the Birders’ Club also participated in a quiz which was organized by ASPB where they were tasked to compete and identify the highest number of bird species. In the end of the quiz contest the participants received small consolation prizes. And, it is with great confidence that we confirm that participant of the birdwatching excursion returned home full of positive emotions, new knowledge and - why not? – some «self discovery».

The April 1st event was oganized as part of the Spring Alive annual campaign in Armenia with support from Mitsubishi Corporation Fund.   


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