The results of public voting of “Bird of the Year 2011”

Armenian Society of the Protection of Birds (Birdlife in Armenia) organized a public voting to find out the bird of the year 2011.

The aim of the “Bird of the Year” campaign is to attract the attention of all Armenians to the conservation of Armenia’s birds and their habitats.

Common Kestrel, Golden eagle, Hoopoe, Eurasian black vulture, Caucasian grouse, Common quail, Armenian gull, Great tit, Syrian woodpecker and Ruddy shelduck were presented as candidates for bird of the year 2011. The first 3 places were: 1. Great tit, 2. Golden eagle, 3. Eurasian black vulture.

The public voting started in the middle of November.  Online voting was available on ASPB’s web page, and because of the lack availability of internet in the regions voting bulletins were distributed in different regions of Armenia.

The winner is Great tit which earned 436 votes. In total 1717 participants voted from Yerevan and also from other regions of Armenia.

In online voting the competition was among Eurasian Black Vulture and Great tit. When summarized the results of voting   bulletin most popular once were Golden eagle and Great tit.

Great tit is very beautiful bird, with a bright plumage. It has yellow underparts with black stripe from chin to belly. Black and white head pattern. Weight varies from 16 to 21 gram. Feeds on pest invertebrates which promote the development of agriculture. 

Breeds in tree cavities but also occupy artificial nests. Life duration is 2-3 years.

Interesting to know (do you know that?)

  • If  there is no artificial feeding, only 2 birds from 10 can survive till spring
  •  During the day Great tit feeds on invertebrates equivalent to the weight of its body.
  • Great tit which occupies forests clutches 1-2 weeks later than the one from city parks.






The program will hold various educational events, aiming to introduce the Great tit, interesting events with participation of students, schoolchildren and local communities, contests. During this campaign will be distributed relevant printed materials (posters, calendars, booklets, stickers) bearing the image of the "Bird of 2011 Year".

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