Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day in Armenia!

Each year, on the second weekend in May, people around the world take action and organize public events such as bird festivals, education programmes, exhibitions and bird-watching excursions to celebrate the World Migratory Bird Day.

Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds continues its old tradition of celebrating this great holiday in Armenia (WMBD). ASPB organised various events including presentations, quizzes and games to address the theme of preventing threats for the migrating birds.


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This year, on May 9, we involved Vrezh Hambardzumyan Basic School No. 17 in Yerevan in the presentation called "WMBD: Energy - make it bird-friendly!". Schoolchildren were highly interested in this vital topic and they were curiously following the entire lecture. Our staff members firstly explained the phenomenon of migration and discussed all factors that affect the process of bird migration. Particularly the threats of solar panels, wind farms and voltage power lines as well as the urban artificial night lighting were highlighted, which have already caused mass death to birds. 

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The aim of the event was not only to inform the schoolchildren about the vulnerable situation of birds, but also to encourage them to come up with correct solutions of solving this critical issue by themselves. To our surprise, children demonstrated an unbelievable activity and with a great enthusiasm shared their ideas. They also took part in some quizzes and games related to the topic where the best participants were awarded. 


On the following day, on May 10, ASPB celebrated the WMBD with the German tourists at Armash IBAand Aragats Mountain. There are high voltage electric pylons in both areas, which every year cause the death of many birds, mostly raptors and soaring birds such as White Storks. During the tour, the participants were informed about the migration barriers in Armenia, with special highlights of the energy sources. In addition, they shared the experience of Germany in making the energy more bird-friendly, highlighting the work done by NABU (BirdLife partner in Germany). The latter can be very useful in future when new approaches of protecting birds from uninsulated electricity pylons can be realised.


Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds thanks the WMBD team for the initiation of the event as well as for providing the supporting materials. We also appreciate the great support of school staff (Vrezh Hambardzumyan Basic School No. 17 in Yerevan) in organising the WMBD presentation. We hope next year we will manage to organise large-scale events that would cover more parts of our country.

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