Help Birds: Clean Up Your School Too!

Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds, apart from its scientific and conservational activity, pays a strong attention on organizing various educational events. One of those was the last visit of our staff members to Surenavan Village, where we had an opportunity to introduce our two main educational programs – “Bird of the Year” and “Spring Alive”. 


Through the Power Point Presentations schoolchildren got acquainted with the bird symbol of the 2015 year – European Roller. After they were informed about the launch of “Spring Alive”, also the procedure how to register their observations on the web-site was explained to them. Later on a quiz upon the information previously provided was organized. Children with the best answers received some promotional gifts.   

The most active and no less important part of the day was the Clean Up Event. The aim of the event was to clean up the school territory from the garbage which might be used by the storks in the nest building process. Later this kind of rubbish can be lethal to both young and adult individuals. 

Schoolchildren from different ages and classes with a great inspiration were involved in this educational action. Randomly they were divided into teams and under the coordination of ASPB staff in short time they succeeded to collect a huge amount of garbage located in the school territory. 




By the end of the event the results were summarized and the teams with the largest amount of collected garbage, dangerous for birds, were awarded with the special prizes. Other teams got some promotional gifts. All schoolchildren were called to be more careful and attentive to all birds and from that moment and on to avoid littering at the school territory. 

Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds thanks all staff of Surenavan Village School for the warm welcome and the assistance in the events organizing procedures.

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