IBA Caretakers' Annual Meeting 2015 - keeping the network strong!

Following the old tradition, on October 13th the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds, as the previous years, gathered together all IBA Caretakers of Armenia right in one place. This time the annual meeting took place at the heart of Dsegh IBA - in Dsegh Village.

Before starting the main discussion, the IBA Caretakers expressed their desire to congratulate all those present with the opening of Nature Visitor Center in Dsegh Community. They stressed the importance of having such kind of conservational institution directly within the IBA, which will promote the eco-tourism in the region, in that way financially supporting the local communities. Moreover, such centers will encourage the link between human being and the surrounding nature. So, they felt hopeful that the current strategy will allow opening next centers in the other IBAs as well.

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As it was mentioned before, ASPB chose the Dsegh IBA as a hosting destination, which gave the Caretakers an opportunity to see firsthand the Nature Visitor Center, and to estimate its potential and possibilities. Steps like these allow us to motivate and to encourage people to be more active and supportive, when it comes to the part of realizing similar projects across the country.

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The annual meeting was opened with the welcome words of Mr. Ghasabyan, the founder and the director of ASPB. He extended his gratitude to all Caretakers for being supportive throughout many years. Also, he claimed all of them to share with their problems and suggestions. The main discussion followed then, which highlighted all the issues existing in IBAs of Armenia.

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With the kind help of ASPB staff, they tried to explore the most effective and accurate solutions, and afterwards to modify the strategy, which aims to regulate the similar environmental issues through the IBAs.

During the session strengths and possibilities of IBA Caretakers network were highlighted, which have never been implemented through the ongoing projects in IBAs before. Thus, ASPB made some steps to revise and to enlarge the magnitude of the support, expected from the Caretakers.

Summarizing the results of annual IBA Caretakers’ meeting, Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds got the opportunity to learn about the situation in IBAs and to review the strategy of projects implemented there, in order to make our extensive activities more efficient and strong.

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