Dsegh Eco-Club: For Wildlife and Forests

P1140078Who are the future custodians of wildlife and forests? Certainly, our children are – our next generation. We believe that by educating today’s generation we guarantee the nature’s welfare of tomorrow.

On April 29, with the efforts of Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds and with the kind support of OSME (Ornithological Society of the Middle East), Dsegh Eco-club initiative has been launched.

The project involves several schools which are situated in Dsegh IBA and adjacent regions. Various eco-lectures, a series of meetings with well-known conservation leaders, outdoor trainings, bird and mammal-watching trips, hiking and many other educational events are the essential part of this initiative.

The aim of the project is to create a platform for schoolchildren, which will enrich their knowledge of conservation and wildlife protection in Armenia.

The first day of the initiative began with an introduction tour through the Nature Visitor Center in Dsegh Village. Afterwards, children were introduced to the landscape relief mockup of Dsegh IBA and interactive information products which describe the birds and insects that occur in the IBA, as well as an interactive panel of migratory bird flyways.



Furthermore, children took part in a lecture about Dsegh IBA, about birds encountered here (especially, endangered species). Our team made a brief overview about the extinct bird species as well as the negative impact humans leave on wildlife and forests.




In highlighting the important role civil society plays in conservation issues, Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds has brought into focus the famous case of the Shikahogh State Reserve as one of the most remarkable examples of the victory of conservation NGO elite in Armenia.

This was only the first step of Dsegh Eco-club initiative. During the following meetings we will host some prominent conservation leaders from WWF Armenia, Armenian Tree Project and ENPI FLEG Program in Armenia, who are going to share their exceptional experience and achievements with the children involved in the project.

The next event will take place on May 16, again at Nature Visitor Center in Dsegh Village.



logo osmeThe Ornithological Society of the Middle East was formed in April 1978. OSME is run entirely by volunteers and is the only ornithological society active in, and covering, the whole of the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Its aims are to collect, collate and publish ornithological data on birds, to encourage an interest in and conservation of birds, to assist environmental and conservation organisations and natural history societies in and concerned with ornithological studies and activities of the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

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