Dsegh Eco-Club. Day 2. Save the Forests

“Dsegh Eco-Club” initiative continues its series of environmental courses.

Let us remind you, that the aim of the project is to create a platform for schoolchildren, which will enrich their knowledge of conservation and wildlife protection in Armenia.

We all perfectly realize that apart from animal world, flora is also an essential part of nature, and it provides the interrelation of various natural processes ongoing on our planet.

P1140622Despite the raining weather, our team travelled to Dsegh and participated in a very important session with a topic “Save the Forests” with schoolchildren of Tsater and Dzoraghbyur villages.

The lecture was facilitated by Luba Balyan, ENPI FLEG II project coordinator and IUCN expert in Armenia, who has been struggling for environmental issues for many years in Armenia, by implementing her valuable knowledge in order to achieve competent and systematic solutions for them.


During her lecture Ms. Balyan highlighted the interrelations between forests and human beings. She stressed the importance of forests as one of the biological units of biosphere of our planet.

She also spoke about the types of forests and their general functions, and about the illegal logging both in Armenia and all over the world.

Children were highly interested in several videos, prepared by ENPI FLEG project, which highlighted the illegal logging topic and the harmful effects of this phenomenon.

After the lecture children were introduced to the landscape relief mockup of Dsegh IBA and interactive information products which describe the birds and insects that occur in the IBA, as well as an interactive panel of migratory bird flyways.



We hope that in a very close future the “seeds”, which we planted during the “Save the Forests” session, will result in a great “harvest”, and we all are going to live in a very green and environmentally educated society.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Ms. Balyan, who, despite her heavy work schedule, managed to allocate time for this interesting and meaningful lecture.


“Dsegh Eco-Club” initiative has become real due to kind support of OSME (Ornithological Society of the Middle East).

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