Dsegh Eco-Club. Day 6: Birdwatching

Dsegh Eco-Club initiative includes in its program not only theoretical courses, but practical trainings as well.

Thus, on 28th of June, Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds organized a birdwatching excursion in Dsegh IBA for two groups of children: one from ATP Ohanian Center for Environmental Studies in Margahovit, another from Dsegh Secondary School.

Before the birdwatching, school children from Margahovit got acquainted with Dsegh Nature Visitor Center. Eduard Shekoyan, the Caretaker of Dsegh IBA, presented the maquette of Dsegh IBA and introduced its noteworthy sites.

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Leaving the Center the group headed to Tsover Lake – a place where the great poet Hovhannes Tumanyan had a pleasure to spend his time with A. Isahakyan, A. Shirvanzade, V. Bryusov, V. Terian, Leo and well-known figures.

The aim of the birdwatching was to introduce children to basic skills of birdwatching, using binoculars, and learning how to recognize birds by their form and sounds.

IMG 8271Hiking trail crossed the fields, part of the forest and brought the group to the Tsover Lake. Along the way, participants were lucky enough to observe a number of interesting bird species such as Long-legged buzzard, Common stonechat, Red-backed shrike, Mistle thrush and several other species.

Using a field guide, our team made the children to memorize the observed bird species, to increase their stock of knowledge and to give them a new interest for further excursions.

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The next session of Dsegh Eco-club initiative will take place in autumn, when we will again try to cover several ecological issues and their effective solutions.

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“Dsegh Eco-Club” initiative has become real due to kind support of OSME (Ornithological Society of the Middle East).

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