Dsegh Eco-Club. Day 4: Wildlife

Remember our slogan of Dsegh Eco-Club initiative - “For Wildlife and Forests”?


With a purpose to make a fruitful session with the schoolchildren of Dzoragyugh and Tsater Villages, we invited WWF Armenia specialist – project coordinator, as well as ENPI FLEG II program coordinator in Armenia, Siranush Galstyan to make a presentation about Wildlife at the Dsegh Nature Visitor Center.

Mrs. Galstyan spoke about wildlife and biodiversity of Armenia, highlighting the importance of mammal protection in Armenia.


Special attention was given to Bezoar Goat (Capra aegagrus), Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) and Leopard (P. p. ciscaucasica (Satunin, 1914) = P. p. saxicolor Pocock, 1927). 



Masha the Bear was an excellent example of showing correct and competent steps of human being, which are aimed to preserve nature and threatened species.

Session has also included environmental game, which teached about the role of nature in humans life and what are the sources which it provides.

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The knowledge gained from WWF-Armenia lecture will help the schoolchildren to have a more precise vision on a human-nature interrelation, as well as to learn about the importance of species protection and fragile balance of eco-systems.

Our next meeting will take place at the ATP Ohanian Center for Environmental Studies in Margahovit Village, where we will have a practical session related to several environmental issues.


“Dsegh Eco-Club” initiative has become real due to kind support of OSME (Ornithological Society of the Middle East).

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