KBAs... A step of great importance for conservation

During the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016, which is currently taking place in Hawaiʻi, USA, eleven of the world’s leading conservation organisations, including BirdLife International and the RSPB (BirdLife in the UK), announced a new partnership to identify, map, monitor and conserve the most important places for life on our planet.

Please, get to know a new term for environmental community – KBAs, or Key Biodiversity Areas.

KBA Partnership aims to mobilize various resources and expertise to further identify and map Key Biodiversity Areas around the globe. Monitoring of these sites will enable detection of potential threats and identification of appropriate conservation actions. The Partnership will also advise national governments on expanding their protected areas network, and will work with private companies to ensure they minimise and mitigate their impact on nature.

Those familiar to BirdLife’s work with Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas (IBAs), will recognise the concept, as it originates in our work to identify 13,000 of IBAs worldwide on land and sea over the last four decades, through its 120 national Partners.

The new KBA Standard is intended to harmonise all such existing approaches under a single conservation umbrella, which all environmental NGOs will hold and point directly at governments. BirdLife will be managing the new World Database of Key Biodiversity AreasTM.

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“The BirdLife Partnership has made history! Over the past 40 years, BirdLife’s network of 120 national conservation organisations has systematically mapped and conserved thousands of vital sites for birds, providing a strong foundation for the success of the KBA Partnership. We fully embrace our role in managing KBA data on behalf of the KBA Partnership to inform targeted conservation action at these sites.”

Patricia Zurita, BirdLife International's Chief Exectutive

You can explore these remarkable places on an interactive map at www.keybiodiversityareas.org.

Download The Global standard for the identification of Key Biodiversity Areas publication.

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KBA Partners are the Amphibian Survival Alliance, BirdLife International, Conservation International, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, Global Environment Facility, Global Wildlife Conservation, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), NatureServe, RSPB, Wildlife Conservation Society and the World Wildlife Fund.

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