Dsegh Eco-Club. Day 8: Practical Conservation, part 2

Dsegh Eco-Club initiative continues to perform its innovative and exciting lessons.

This time we had an opportunity to cooperate with Armenia Tree Project (ATP). Due to effective coordination of ASPB staff and kind support of ATP, we succeeded to provide children of Tsater and Dzoragyugh with a chance to visit ATP Ohanian Center for Environmental Studies in Margahovit Village.


Before the seminar, the coordinator of Center – Gayane Margaryan – introduced some plant species growing in the adjacent garden; she talked about their importance and features, as well as she introduced several innovations, which they tend to use in their nature conservation activities.

Afterwards, children took part in a lecture, where they got familiar with such actual topics as waste management and recycling. Through practical trainings schoolchildren learnt how to get some useful items from polyethylene bag, and also hot to prepare nice wallets from simple juice packages.

Ms. Gayane Margaryan also talked about Insect Hotels, which they created in their garden. Thereafter, participants had a short cartoon watching, which was followed by a brief discussion on the issue highlighted in the animation.


We hope that this session had its certain influence on children, and after several years we will witness a generation of responsible citizens, and consequently а green and clean country.


P.S. We would like to extend our gratitude to ATP charitable organization, with special thanks to Gayane Margaryan, for their kind support to schoolchildren of Tsater and Dzoragyugh Villages.

“Dsegh Eco-Club” initiative has become real due to kind support of OSME (Ornithological Society of the Middle East).

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