Dsegh Eco-club. Day 9. Leopard Conservation

Dsegh Eco-club initiative continues its sessions...

IMG 9086This time we guested WWF-Armenia.

WWF began its activities in Armenia since 2002 and as of November 2006, WWF Armenia has been registered as an official branch of WWF International as a part of WWF Caucasus Programme Office.

Dsegh Eco-club guested Arsen Gasparyan from WWF-Armenia. Arsen had a talk about Caucasian Leopard Conservation Project in Armenia. He mentioned that over the past 10 years WWF has undertaken considerable efforts to assess the status of the Caucasian leopard in the Caucasus.

IMG 9088Together with key stakeholders WWF developed the Regional Strategy and the National Action Plan for leopard conservation and started its implementation.

In the frameworks of Caucasian Leopard Conservation Project, WWF-Armenia launches Leopard Caretakers Network Project which aims to unite the society, international organizations, private and public sectors to strengthen conservation mechanisms of leopard and its prey species (Bezoar Goat, Armenian Mouflon, Roe Deer, etc.).

IMG 9100Arsen presented their works within this species conservation project, talked about camera traps and their importance. Together with the schoolchildren they watched short videos about wildlife of Armenia.

Children were very excited when leaving Dsegh Nature Center. They shared their impressions and promised to treat the Nature henceforth more carefully.

Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds would like to thank WWF-Armenia and Arsen Gasparyan for his interesting and meaningful session.

(part of information was adapted from WWF-Armenia web-site)

“Dsegh Eco-Club” initiative has become real due to kind support of OSME (Ornithological Society of the Middle East).

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