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Picture 040As we have informed in our newsletter's previous issue, we summarized results of Lesser Kestrel breeding success in 2009. According to our research results, it should be said that 28-30 pairs of Lesser kestrel bred last year in Gorayk IBA, where 10 pairs had occupied nest holes in the new artificial breeding tower mounted by ASPB.

ASPB ornithologists succeeded in counting 53 eggs. However, this number is not fully reflective of reality which is accounted for by the fact that the natural breeding grounds for Lesser Kestrel in Armenia are the cavities in the roof of a local TV tower in Gorayk. This very circumstance creates tangible difficulties in the course of scientific surveys.

In the 10 nests placed in the artificial breeding tower, 26 eggs were laid where 23 chicks hatched. These chicks fledged successfully. Total number of Lesser Kestrel chicks hatched in the area during the breeding season reached 65. Besides, last year ASPB also organized ringing of Lesser Kestrel juveniles: about 11 juvenile birds have been ringed using aluminum rings in order to find out, whether they will return to their breeding site in 2010 or not.

Let’s hope that this year the breeding success of such rare bird species in Armenia as Lesser Kestrel will result in higher population rates than in 2009.

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