Dsegh Eco-Club. Day 10: Project Closure

Like all nice ideas, Dsegh Eco-Club initiative came to its end as well.

On 21st of October last meeting of Dsegh Eco-Club initiative took place at Dsegh Nature Visitor Center.

IMG 9182All school group coordinators and school directors, who participated in project sessions, were invited to this meeting.

ASPB conducted a brief training, which was aimed to school representatives with skills of preparing bird feeders and artificial nests. Also, we talked about food composition and feeding techniques of wild birds.

Our guests, being specialists who care about the nature, asked their questions, both regarding birds and wildlife.

IMG 9162They received a feeder and an artificial nest as a present, serving as models for their possible future activities. We believe that those will find their appropriate places in the school yards. Besides that, we handed all coordinators with small presents prepared for schoolchildren, and also with education materials, which were utilized during all sessions. In this way we aim to strengthen the acquired knowledge and enhance the power of this project in Armenia.

logo osme12622129 181766585512717 925718701292417780 oWe would like to extend our deep gratitude to OSME (Ornithological Society of the Middle East) and AviFauna Nature Tours for their kind support in organizing the Dsegh Eco-Club initiative.

We are also grateful to the schoolchildren and their school representatives (Ayntap, Marts, Dsegh, Dzoragyugh, Tsater schools, Margahovit Ohanyan Center), and also to session trainers (WWF-Armenia, ENPI FLEG II project, Armenian Tree Project, Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds).

IMG 9288

P.S. Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds would like to extend special thanks to "Nature lovers" club of Ayntap Village Secondary School №2 for their beautiful hand-made present. It will definitely find its place in Dsegh Nature Visitor Center.

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