Armavir Zoo - a place where animals are being rescued

IMG 4228aYou might probably remember that we had a call from the region of Armavir in July, where several storks have been injured due to а recent harsh hail. The Rescue Service of Ministry of Emergency Situations took them to Armen Tadevosyan's private zoo at Armavir City.

With a purpose to verify the situation on the ground, we visited the city of Armavir. To tell the truth, our visit was full of surprises. We were excited to meet a person, who gave a shelter to many injured and vulnerable animals, purely at his own expense.

IMG 4272Armavir Zoo surprised us with its great biodiversity. Lions, brown bear, ostriches, camel, black vulture… All these animals were saved from hunger and injuries.

Mister Tadevosyan says his passion for animals is hidden in his genetic roots. As he shares with his family photo-albums, we see a child surrounded by wolves, porcupine, snakes, as well as many exotic animals, unusual for the region of Armavir.

Unfortunately, Armavir Zoo constantly faces with financial issues. Its existence heavily relies on Mister Tadevosyan’s personal funds and a kind support of his friends.

If you have a chance to visit Armavir, do not pass by from this amazing place. And in case you want to see this zoo functioning, do not hesitate to give your support. Even the smallest sum will be a great investment in the sustainability of Armavir Zoo.

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