Birdwatching and Wildlife Tourism

The Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds (ASPB) has been leading birding and wildlife tours since 2000. We offer birding tours for both professional and amateur birders, as well as tours for wildlife combined with nature photography and experiencing cultural wonders for naturalists of broader interests. Our programs and itineraries are designed based on your requests and with the account of personal experience, passion and knowledge of our guides. Our aim is to make every tour a friend's travel.

In this section, you won't find standard tour itineraries, because each tour is different and customized to your needs, whether it is an individual tour or a group tour, lasting from one day to multiple days. However, to give you a bit of flavor of our country and an overview of what it can offer to birding and wildlife tourists, cruise through our brochure Birding Armenia to see some of the key destinations without which your trip to Armenia would be incomplete

To order a tour or inquire additional information about your visit to Armenia, please contact us at

Why with us

We are not a travel agency

We are not travel agency and we do not sell tours. Moreover, we never offer tour programs advertised by other companies or groups. All our wildlife tours are “hand-made” specially to match the requirements and satisfaction of our visitors. Our guides are few of those pioneer professionals who «blazed» the routes of Armenia's birdwatching tourism which today are advertised on the websites of other operating tour companies. We explore the wildlife and immerse into rural life. Our tours are unique offering fascinating journeys to the most interesting sites in Armenia and will be remembered for a lifetime!

Personal experience

Our groups are guided by professionals who have the necessary local  knowledge, extensive field experience and necessary leadership skills. It is these people that we call the professionals. For about more than 10 years ASPB has been working to explore, study and protect Armenia’s remarkable but extremely vulnerable wildlife, especially birds. We have spent thousands of days in the Armenian wilderness exploring and researching the wild life on foot, horse, boat and vehicles - trying to understand its laws and its continuing responses to human disturbance. It is our knowledge of birds and other wildlife, their behavioral traits and habitats that allow us to share with you this intimate touch with our nation's wild heritage through our customized tours.

Nature Sensitivity - “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.”

Despite all the passion, keeping the wildlife and its habitats serene and undistturbed is our Priority. You do not need to be a scientist to understand that the more tourists are attracted, the more money they pay. But Nature does not like crowd. Unrestricted movements of recreationists disrupt the lives of many species. We avoid major groups giving you more time and opportunity to experience the raw magic of Armenia's landscapes, majestic mountains and the wildlife. We will show you hidden locations away from larger tour groups.


About the country


The Caucasus ecoregion covers a total area of 580000 km2 and spans the boundaries of six countries – including the whole area of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Northern Caucasus part of Russia, northeastern Turkey, and part of northwestern Iran. As one of the most biologically rich regions on Earth, the Caucasus is ranked among the planet’s 25 most diverse and endangered hotspots. Located at a biological crossroads, species from Central and Northern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, and North Africa mingle with endemics found nowhere else.
As part of the Caucasus ecoregion Armenia has its unique value. It is located in the north-eastern part of the Armenian Plateau and occupies 29,740 sq. km at altitudes ranging from 380 to 4095 meters above sea level. The geographical location, geological complex structure, vertical zonation and location of the country at the intersection of different floral – faunal provinces have contributed to formation of rich biodiversity and different types of natural ecosystems. To imagine the wealth of the flora it is worthwhile to mention that more than half of the flora of the Caucasus (out of 6500 species), 3500 species of wild-growing vascular plants and the diversity of ecosystems and landscapes includes various elements ranging from sand deserts and wormwood semi-deserts to subalpine and alpine meadows with numerous transitional associations occurring in Armenia, which occupies only 6.7 % of the whole territory of the Caucasus. By density of high vascular plant species Armenia with more than 100 species per sq. km has one of the leading positions in the world. The number of lower plant species and microorganisms exceeds several ten thousands. Armenia also holds a rich diversity of fauna species: 17000 invertebrate and 549 vertebrate species. It should be mentioned that Armenia has an extraordinary rich avifauna: out of 549 species of vertebrate animals occurring in Armenia, 360 are birds.

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